49 / explore the process / James Cameron

Marlboro Sky’s favorite movie director would probably be James Cameron. Cameron takes pride in his work and accepts nothing less than the best. His film Avatar took him almost 10 years to make. The film used a bunch of innovative special effects techniques. These special effects helped make it the highest grossing film of all time. He was able to achieve such epic success in this film with the help of cutting edge cinema technology. 

Cameron has also made a name for himself in the world of deep sea exploration by becoming the only person to reach Mariana’s Trench(deepest point in the ocean) solo. He was able to accomplish this feat with the assistance of the Deepsea Challenger submarine. “One small voyage for man, one giant dive for man kind”(me).  James Cameron was able to push the limits of submarine diving to the extreme through the use of sophisticated modern day technology. If he had had one, he could have used Sky while submerged in his submarine. Image

48 / explore the process / Marlboro Men & other ideas

The three men who appeared in Marlboro advertisements as cowboys all died of lung cancer. This contributed to the coining of the nickname “cowboy killers” for Marlboro Reds.Image

What’s gonna happen to the Marlboro Sky cowboys? I believe this is a good PR opportunity for Marlboro. Keeping the actors who play Marlboro Sky in good health would be as important to them as keeping Jared skinny is to Subway. Ideally Marlboro wishes to show an ad 20 years down the line with an aging Marlboro Sky still puffin’ away, limber and healthy as ever, with a big happy family. Marlboro should make sure only active old people are portrayed in ads for Sky. 

Possible Sky nicknames after this happens

  • Cowboy savers
  • Cowboy breathers
  • Cowboy livers
  • Cowboy preservers
  • Cowboy support
  • Cowboy luck
  • Cowboy fortune

46 / partner’s doodles / All Day

Marlboro Sky is a new and improved version of the classic Marlboro. Through the use of technological innovations the Marlboro experience is made even better. 

During the last week of the 2011 NFL star running back Adrian Peterson tore his ACL & MCL in a game against the Washington Redskins.Image

Tearing of the crucial ligaments used to be considered an athlete’s nightmare and possibly career ending. Other NFL stars would take at least a year to get back up to game speed. Not Adrian Peterson. His orthopedic surgeon, Dr.James Andrews, performed reconstructive procedure on his left knee. Peterson then proceeded to win league MVP while having arguably one of the best NFL seasons of all time. So is Peterson just a freak? Or has Dr.Andrews developed a special procedure only he can do, something top secret. Perhaps he didn’t just repair AP’s knee, but what if he improved upon it, making it stronger than before. It’s hard to explain such a quick recovery coupled with such immediate success. It makes me wonder if Dr.Andrews has a top secret way of using technology to not only repair athletic injuries but to also make the athletes better than they were originally. If this is the case then Dr.Andrews is the Marlboro Sky of orthopedic surgeons. I sure hope he uses his top secret recovery methods with RG3. 

45 / partner’s doodles / Superheros

The doodle I used as my jumping off point was of a stick figure guy smoking a cigarette. There’s a cloud directly above him with a lightning bolt coming down and striking directly at the tip of his cigarette. 

My idea is that the cigarette itself gained the potential to be electronic from getting struck by lightning. This one cigarette was just a normal guy at first. His lightning strike (just like Spiderman’s spider bite and Daredevil’s fall into a vat of toxic waste) gives him abilities that set him apart from his peers. Sky’s father Marlboro Man does all he can to keep Sky’s condition a secret, thinks the world isn’t ready for him. His father is worried that people won’t accept him and will treat him like a freak.

This quote from Man of Steel is said to Superman by his father Jor-el,”What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?” Image

Society intended for Sky to be just another cigarette, but he can be something greater. I believe Marlboro Man could have said this to Sky to help him see his true potential. 

Marlboro Sky is able to put his abilities to good use by keeping humans healthy and air clean. He becomes a hero. 

Sky understands the Spiderman cliche “With great power comes great responsibility” and makes sure to not let his power or influence be used irresponsibly


44 / 45 minutes of work / band

I started brainstorming ideas about the type of band Marlboro Sky would be in.

Sky’s band’s name

  • Rebellion ambassador
  • Tomorrow’s Revolution

Marlboro Sky would be the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band. His rebellious nature and passion for improving music with technology makes for an unbelievable combination of on-stage energy and futuristic sound. 

Marlboro Sky’s singing voice would be authentic and true live. He isn’t one of those artists that’s amazing in the recording studio but can’t play a show to save their life. He plays a Line 6 Variax which is a highly technical electric guitar. ImageUnlike your standard Fender, a Line 6 Variax has electronic components internally that process the sound from each string to replicate a multitude of 29 different specific guitars and instruments. Being able to play an epic rock show without ever having to switch guitars is a modern day convenience for current day rock stars.

Band mates

This unique use of technology to bring an artist back to life can provide an experience fans will not soon forget. 

Instead of pyrotechnics, their band has precisely timed and controlled lightning strikes.

The band could play from the roof of the Trump tower.

Their entire show is %100 fueled by renewable energy. 



43 / 45 minutes of work / packaging


Shown here is what the front of the Marlboro Sky box would look like.


Traditional cigarette boxes once unwrapped swing open upwards and can be closed in the same fashion. I believe Marlboro Sky’s box should open by itself automatically. It would slide open. The horizontal seem where the box would open is lined up with the colored detailing of the box.

 ImageSo the opening of this box as it slides automatically open would be where the red color block meets the white. 

Not only would the box open itself but it would also feature a solar panel on the top and back in order to charge while not plugged in. The back of the pack also features a flip-down three-pronged plug in order to charge on a wall outlet. The box would also be reusable. 


42 / 45 minutes of work / Dos Equis Guy

One idea that inspired me to write is ads that the beer company Dos Equis uses. They always feature the same guy, the most interesting man in the world, telling a story about his life that goes well with their brand.


I’ve done the same for Sky.

The most rebellious man in the world

  • he is sheriff… or sheriffs.
  • his lasso spins in squares
  • he rides a bull as if it were a horse
  • he asks for all pennies when cashing checks
  • he was recruited by the Rebel Alliance
  • his rebellious teenage years inspired the movie Braveheart

The most sophisticated man in the world 

  • the oldest wines in his cellar predate the birth  of wine production
  • he makes homemade caviar
  • his privet jet has a pool boy
  • The king learned english from him
  • his golf course is so well manicured that at each tee off spot there is no tee, but precisely 6 blades of firmer and longer grass to hit your ball from
  • He naturally talks and thinks in poetry

41 / explore the emotion that goes with Marlboro Sky / graffiti

I spent a good amount of time thinking of ways that people rebel. Graffiti(street art) in particular is a way that vandals, protesters, and teenagers rebel against their society by marking up buildings in their own personal way. I can’t see Marlboro Sky as an urban vandal however I can see him getting his message across. 

Marlboro Sky would be intrigued by a more advanced form of graffiti, skywriting. Skywriting is when a person uses a small airplane to leave a message in the sky with the exhaust. Having  already depicted Sky as a pilot this idea came to me when looking back at my older posts. Having Marlboro Sky flying high in the air would give the audience good images of open clean air, a light blue sky, and a fearless acrobatic pilot. Marlboro Sky would use this skill to put important warnings and protests high in the sky for as many as possible to see. Image


40 / explore the emotion that goes with Marlboro Sky / Slogans

Here are some possible slogans I thought of for the Sky brand

  • “Reach for the Sky”
  • “The Sky is the limit”
  • “Get back in the saddle”
  • “Old habits die hard”
  • “Only you and Marlboro Sky can prevent forest fires”
  • “Smoke the Sky”
  • “Clean smoke for tech-y folks”
  • “Powered to please”
  • “Rebel with a cause”
  • “Never stop indulging”
  • “There’s a new sheriff in town”
  • ” Like the first time”

Here is an idea. Imagine Marlboro man in his robotic cowboy getup walking through a deserted old west town. He’s the sheriff. Que the cheesy western music. Marlboro Sky is an outlaw. Marlboro Man tells Sky, “we don’t want your kind here”. He rides in to town and says to Marlboro Man, “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us”. They have a classic shootout and Marlboro Sky wins because he has nicer and newer guns. Marlboro Sky becomes the new sheriff and establishes a much more honorable reign. During his time as sheriff time gradually goes by until the old west town becomes a new west town. Sky helps usher in the industrial revolution. Image

39 / explore the emotion that goes with Marlboro Sky / would be (blank) if…

Marlboro Sky would be happy if 

  • He/someone perfects and popularizes Nikola Tesla’s free energy generation process.
  • The hard work he has put in earns him a raise
  • He went to Ultra (electronic music festival)
  • he could use the ski lift even when there’s no snow
  • he went skydiving
  • technology he invented went on to create/develop something great he could have never imagined

Marlboro Sky would be sad if 

  • The week’s forecast is nothing but storms
  • Seismic activity knocked out the power grid
  • He witnessed you littering
  • his inventions get used for something he doesn’t believe in
  • his house is messy
  • his technology becomes obsolete