44 / 45 minutes of work / band

I started brainstorming ideas about the type of band Marlboro Sky would be in.

Sky’s band’s name

  • Rebellion ambassador
  • Tomorrow’s Revolution

Marlboro Sky would be the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band. His rebellious nature and passion for improving music with technology makes for an unbelievable combination of on-stage energy and futuristic sound. 

Marlboro Sky’s singing voice would be authentic and true live. He isn’t one of those artists that’s amazing in the recording studio but can’t play a show to save their life. He plays a Line 6 Variax which is a highly technical electric guitar. ImageUnlike your standard Fender, a Line 6 Variax has electronic components internally that process the sound from each string to replicate a multitude of 29 different specific guitars and instruments. Being able to play an epic rock show without ever having to switch guitars is a modern day convenience for current day rock stars.

Band mates

This unique use of technology to bring an artist back to life can provide an experience fans will not soon forget. 

Instead of pyrotechnics, their band has precisely timed and controlled lightning strikes.

The band could play from the roof of the Trump tower.

Their entire show is %100 fueled by renewable energy. 



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