45 / partner’s doodles / Superheros

The doodle I used as my jumping off point was of a stick figure guy smoking a cigarette. There’s a cloud directly above him with a lightning bolt coming down and striking directly at the tip of his cigarette. 

My idea is that the cigarette itself gained the potential to be electronic from getting struck by lightning. This one cigarette was just a normal guy at first. His lightning strike (just like Spiderman’s spider bite and Daredevil’s fall into a vat of toxic waste) gives him abilities that set him apart from his peers. Sky’s father Marlboro Man does all he can to keep Sky’s condition a secret, thinks the world isn’t ready for him. His father is worried that people won’t accept him and will treat him like a freak.

This quote from Man of Steel is said to Superman by his father Jor-el,”What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?” Image

Society intended for Sky to be just another cigarette, but he can be something greater. I believe Marlboro Man could have said this to Sky to help him see his true potential. 

Marlboro Sky is able to put his abilities to good use by keeping humans healthy and air clean. He becomes a hero. 

Sky understands the Spiderman cliche “With great power comes great responsibility” and makes sure to not let his power or influence be used irresponsibly


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