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Marlboro Sky is a new and improved version of the classic Marlboro. Through the use of technological innovations the Marlboro experience is made even better. 

During the last week of the 2011 NFL star running back Adrian Peterson tore his ACL & MCL in a game against the Washington Redskins.Image

Tearing of the crucial ligaments used to be considered an athlete’s nightmare and possibly career ending. Other NFL stars would take at least a year to get back up to game speed. Not Adrian Peterson. His orthopedic surgeon, Dr.James Andrews, performed reconstructive procedure on his left knee. Peterson then proceeded to win league MVP while having arguably one of the best NFL seasons of all time. So is Peterson just a freak? Or has Dr.Andrews developed a special procedure only he can do, something top secret. Perhaps he didn’t just repair AP’s knee, but what if he improved upon it, making it stronger than before. It’s hard to explain such a quick recovery coupled with such immediate success. It makes me wonder if Dr.Andrews has a top secret way of using technology to not only repair athletic injuries but to also make the athletes better than they were originally. If this is the case then Dr.Andrews is the Marlboro Sky of orthopedic surgeons. I sure hope he uses his top secret recovery methods with RG3. 

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