48 / explore the process / Marlboro Men & other ideas

The three men who appeared in Marlboro advertisements as cowboys all died of lung cancer. This contributed to the coining of the nickname “cowboy killers” for Marlboro Reds.Image

What’s gonna happen to the Marlboro Sky cowboys? I believe this is a good PR opportunity for Marlboro. Keeping the actors who play Marlboro Sky in good health would be as important to them as keeping Jared skinny is to Subway. Ideally Marlboro wishes to show an ad 20 years down the line with an aging Marlboro Sky still puffin’ away, limber and healthy as ever, with a big happy family. Marlboro should make sure only active old people are portrayed in ads for Sky. 

Possible Sky nicknames after this happens

  • Cowboy savers
  • Cowboy breathers
  • Cowboy livers
  • Cowboy preservers
  • Cowboy support
  • Cowboy luck
  • Cowboy fortune

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