41 / explore the emotion that goes with Marlboro Sky / graffiti

I spent a good amount of time thinking of ways that people rebel. Graffiti(street art) in particular is a way that vandals, protesters, and teenagers rebel against their society by marking up buildings in their own personal way. I can’t see Marlboro Sky as an urban vandal however I can see him getting his message across. 

Marlboro Sky would be intrigued by a more advanced form of graffiti, skywriting. Skywriting is when a person uses a small airplane to leave a message in the sky with the exhaust. Having  already depicted Sky as a pilot this idea came to me when looking back at my older posts. Having Marlboro Sky flying high in the air would give the audience good images of open clean air, a light blue sky, and a fearless acrobatic pilot. Marlboro Sky would use this skill to put important warnings and protests high in the sky for as many as possible to see. Image


40 / explore the emotion that goes with Marlboro Sky / Slogans

Here are some possible slogans I thought of for the Sky brand

  • “Reach for the Sky”
  • “The Sky is the limit”
  • “Get back in the saddle”
  • “Old habits die hard”
  • “Only you and Marlboro Sky can prevent forest fires”
  • “Smoke the Sky”
  • “Clean smoke for tech-y folks”
  • “Powered to please”
  • “Rebel with a cause”
  • “Never stop indulging”
  • “There’s a new sheriff in town”
  • ” Like the first time”

Here is an idea. Imagine Marlboro man in his robotic cowboy getup walking through a deserted old west town. He’s the sheriff. Que the cheesy western music. Marlboro Sky is an outlaw. Marlboro Man tells Sky, “we don’t want your kind here”. He rides in to town and says to Marlboro Man, “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us”. They have a classic shootout and Marlboro Sky wins because he has nicer and newer guns. Marlboro Sky becomes the new sheriff and establishes a much more honorable reign. During his time as sheriff time gradually goes by until the old west town becomes a new west town. Sky helps usher in the industrial revolution. Image

39 / explore the emotion that goes with Marlboro Sky / would be (blank) if…

Marlboro Sky would be happy if 

  • He/someone perfects and popularizes Nikola Tesla’s free energy generation process.
  • The hard work he has put in earns him a raise
  • He went to Ultra (electronic music festival)
  • he could use the ski lift even when there’s no snow
  • he went skydiving
  • technology he invented went on to create/develop something great he could have never imagined

Marlboro Sky would be sad if 

  • The week’s forecast is nothing but storms
  • Seismic activity knocked out the power grid
  • He witnessed you littering
  • his inventions get used for something he doesn’t believe in
  • his house is messy
  • his technology becomes obsolete

38 / don’t suck / Exoskeleton

One aspect of ranch life that I explored more is the use of a tractor. Tractors help serve farmers agricultural needs they can’t meet physically. A farmer using a tractor could be thought of as embodying the Sky brand compared to a farm without one.

The same way farmers are using tractors to improve their productivity, futuristic exoskeletons will one day be utilized by the military for the same purpose. The Raytheon XOS Exoskeleton suits are the closest thing we have so far to an Ironman suit. Though still in development, Is is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that dramatically improves a soldiers strength and endurance capability. It allows for the user to lift heavy things seemingly effortlessly.This feature can be utilized in hand to hand combat and just for storage and moving of food rations and munitions in hot conditions. They improve endurance of a soldier by supporting the majority of the weight of the heavy pack they wear. Thus giving them more energy to be productive. An American soldier with modern day conveniences is capable of great things. Because these machines can be used for fighting and productivity they connected with a modern american cowboy in my mind.


37 / don’t suck / Astrolounge

An idea that I hadn’t  really explored yet was a saloon. Where does Marlboro Sky go to wet his whistle? Marlboro Man would go to his classic saloon. That’s for sure. 


Sky’s evening hangout spot/bar would be a rotating roof-top lounge that sits atop a skyscraper.

Instead of the typical two swinging saloon doors there would be fully electric automatic sliding doors. 

Instead of a lineup of horses tied to a post outside there would be a valet service. 

Instead of whiskey, beer, and bourbon there would be wine and champagne.

Instead of shot glasses and mason jars there would be wineglasses 

Instead of old-wooden furniture, counters, walls, and floors there could be glass walls, marble counters, stone floors, and stainless steel furniture. 

Instead of saloon girls(whores) there would be gold diggers hangin around looking to trick some hotshot into marrying them so they can take all their money. 

Instead of having mounted animal heads there could be framed degrees/business successes. 

This idea has less to do with the saloon but a tumbleweed in the old west rolling by could be equated to obsolete technology that’s passed over. 


47 / partner’s doodles / Inception

The doodle I used as my jumping off point was of a gun. I got to thinking about guns and whats cowboys/outlaws use them for. I got the idea of a bank robbery/heist being something a rebellious Marlboro Man would take part in. In what way would Marlboro Sky perform and bank robbery/heist?


Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception featured a team of skilled thieves who, through the use of experimental military technology,break up an energy conglomerate by infiltrating the subconscious of the heir to the company and performing inception. Inception is the act of putting another persons idea into a subjects subconscious. They put the idea to break up the company into the heirs head so that he will do so. This skilled use of technology is a very elaborate, state-of-the-art way of stealing from people.

The extractors(performing inception) bring a totem with them into each a dream. A totem is a small object who’s behavior can only be predicted by the owner and is used to determine whether a dreamer is in someone else’s dream. Cobb’s(Leo) totem is a top that spins perpetually in a dream state but falls in reality. Marlboro Sky’s totem could be a normal cigarette that becomes electronic when in a dream state.

36 / don’t suck / Muscle

I was spending time contemplating Marlboro Man’s preferred method of transportation when I decided to do a mind map about horses. I couldn’t help but see many parallels between a cowboy’s horse and a young professionals Ford Mustang. 

For starters, a Mustang, as the name suggests, is supposed to be the automobile equivalent to a horse. So they’re meant to be ridden wildly and freely by cowboys of their respective realms. 

Driving a Mustang without a seat belt can be equated to riding a horse bareback.

Pressing the spurs from boots into the side of a horse can be equated to pressing your foot on the gas pedal. 

Pulling on the reigns of the horse can be equated to steering the wheel of the Mustang.

The cowboy using a lasso to round up livestock on his horse could be equated to people joyriding in their nice cars in order to pickup chicks. 

The same way a cowboy wouldn’t want an average horse, Sky wouldn’t want an average car. 

An untrained colt would be a normal car with stock parts.

A tricked out muscle car would be a beautiful stallion. Stallions are known for their racing (like Mustangs) and their strength (like men). 

A Mustang is a modern twist on the common cowboy vehicle. 

Marlboro Sky’s Mustang would be solid white with some light blue accents. Image